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Reiki Healing japan


Welcome to a journey of discovering your true self.

Reiki is more than just a method of hand healing; it is a profound spiritual healing practice that originated in Japan and is loved around the world. However, to truly understand and experience its essence, we recommend learning at a special location in Kurama, the birthplace of Reiki.

Kurama is known as a place where the spirit of Reiki and cosmic energy merge. Here, under the guidance of the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, you can feel a deep connection with the universe. The Reiki attunements performed in this location offer more than just learning techniques—they are a journey to awaken your spirituality and achieve inner peace and harmony.


Reiki is a healing technique originating from Japan, aimed at healing the body, mind, and spirit. Known as a method of healing through "laying on hands," it promotes health by regulating the flow of energy within the body. The fundamental belief of Reiki is that a "life force energy" (Ki or Qi) flows through the human body, and blockages in this flow can lead to illness and stress. Reiki treatment adjusts this life force energy, enhancing the body's natural healing abilities, thereby improving overall health and well-being.


Our sessions include the following special experiences:



Receive direct Reiki attunements from a Reiki master, enabling you to access life force energy on your own.​

Connection with the Universe:

Resonate with the powerful energy of Mount Kurama and touch the wisdom of the universe, accelerating the growth of your soul.​


Through sessions that holistically heal the body, mind, and spirit, promote complete relaxation and self-improvement.Experience the true essence of Reiki during your trip to Japan and bring profound changes to your life. We promise this experience will bring new peace and energy to your life.

Mystic Kyoto: Unlocking Secrets with Reiki and Ancient Rituals Retreat


Explore the spiritual depths of Kyoto, a city renowned for its ancient wisdom and serene beauty. Set in the mystical surroundings of Kurama Mountain—one of the world's most sacred sites—this retreat offers profound soul growth and deep healing. Participants will immerse themselves in Zen practices, savor the unique flavors of Japanese cuisine, and experience the rich cultural heritage that only Kyoto can offer. Join us for an unforgettable journey that nourishes the spirit and rejuvenates the mind.

Introduction of the Master


Yutaka Okunishi 

Reiki Healing Master
Life Purpose Awakening Coach
Yin-Yang Integration Master

Specializes in resolving trauma and karma.
A shaman from Japan.


Hitomi Okunishi 

Reiki Healing Master
Life Purpose Awakening Coach
Yin-Yang Integration Master

A spiritual leader who explores Japan's unique spiritual culture,
pursues true prosperity,
and fosters the growth of the soul.

Experience something special and sublime in the birthplace of Reiki.

The history of Mount Kurama

About the Tengu, Venus, and the vortex.

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